The Fun Run Explained -
After spending a full day at the Frenzy event, it's nice to get out and 'stretch your legs'.
The Fun Run is a featured event in which all Frenzy attendees can hop into their Sharks and contribute to one of the more impressive processions of Bwaaaaaa! that Virginia has seen & heard.
Join in on the "Fun Run" through some of the most scenic towns and roads in the state of Virginia.
Although a must for drivers, it's been reported that Fun Runs can be almost as enjoyable when riding shotgun.
Smartphones and portable GPS devices are very handy, but not a must. Also the multiband two way radios, like Motorolas are great for tuning in to the Fun Run banter during the drive.
Jon Pruess has graciously volunteered to plan the Fun Run again this year. He's finalized the turn-by-turn directions and here it is for viewing or download.

Here's the downloadable map for the Frenzy 21 Fun Run route:

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please email the Frenzy Organizers at
"The objective is not to speed excessively, but to proceed impressively"
 Joe Isuzu - 1999

For a printable high resolution .pdf, click the image above