The Fun Run Explained -
Due to logistical difficulties, we will not be having a Frenzy Fun Run this year. However, the nice Virginia roads are still there for you to explore on your own. So, here is the route map we've used in previous years. If you will be departing to the west, driving some of the Fun Run circuit will add some interest to your drive home without adding too much time to your trip.
Many thanks to Jon Pruess for putting hours of effort into making the map and writing the turn-by-turn directions. His detailed instructions have made it easy for us to follow the route in years past.
Here's the map for the Frenzy 23 Fun Run route:

Fun Run Map
Turn by turn directions
Video commentary

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please email the Frenzy Organizers at
"The objective is not to speed excessively, but to proceed impressively"
 Joe Isuzu - 1999

For a printable high resolution .pdf, click the image above
For those using a Garmin and other stand-alone GPS devices, Jon has converted the route to a GPX format from a Google Earth KML-KMZ format. Click to download: Frenzy 22.gpx   Frenzy 22.kmz