The Frenzy just keeps getting better and better. Stay tuned for Frenzy 24 updates as they happen.

Last year's Frenzy 23 was a resounding success.
Here are just a few comments from past events:

Hans14914 says:
It was well overdue, but I can say I had a blast at my first Frenzy! It is now permanently going on my annual 928 calendar.
camboinc says:        
It was my first Frenzy but will not be my last.
elgreco says:
Great seeing everybody again and also meeting new people. Looking forward to doing it again.
Strat928 says:
I reiterate what everyone else is saying, great event, great info, great food, great guys and gals and that equals a great time. I am ready for next year!
Glen  says:
Great event, getting better every year. Great to see old friends and make new ones and to put names to cars and faces...can't wait til next year!
Jadz928 says:
Wow, what a great Frenzy! As Rick says every year 'best Frenzy ever!'.
Mickster says:
I loved Frenzy. This group of owners and enthusiasts is excellent. Thanks to everyone for your kind hospitality and warm welcome. Made new friends...
928 obsession says:
Another excellent Frenzy! It was great to catch up with everyone, we had an absolute blast!
The Fixer says:
My Son and I had the best time. What an amazing group of people
..and sums it up when he says:
Man that was fun.
A memorable gathering of 928s, their owners, vendors and enthusiasts - is what Frenzy is all about.
Attend a Frenzy and come away with an increased depth of knowledge about your car & what makes it tick; the 928 market; and available resources to restore, maintain and keep your car performing at or above its original capabilities.
The best thing about Frenzy is the people that you meet, all sharing a common interest -
the Porsche 928! 
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AC Guide by Otto Matheke: ACforFrenzy