Registration for Frenzy 23- pending
This year's 928 Frenzy will be run as a PCA event by the Potomac Region. However, you do not have to be a PCA member to participate.

PCA Potomac uses to do all its event registrations. So, registering for the Frenzy is a two-step process. First, you do a very quick signup for a new MotorsportReg account (unless you already have one, of course). You will be asked to provide a minimal amount of information: name, email address and zip code. You will then be emailed a link to confirm your email address. You can then establish your username and password. You will also be given the opportunity to enter your PCA membership number and to select your PCA region. If you are not a PCA  member, just leave these fields blank. Then, you will be taken to the 928 Frenzy registration "welcome" page where you will see "928 Frenzy" at the top as well as a reference to the hosting club, "PCA Potomac, The Founders' Region - Drive & Dine."

Click continue and you will see the payment and refund policy. The registration site provides two great features:       
  • You will be able to make changes to your registration at a later date. In your confirmation email, following registration, you will receive a link that will allow you to make changes to your registration, such as adding additional T-shirts, or adding a guest. You have until noon two days before the event to make your own changes. After then, any changes will need to be coordinated through the event organizer, Greg Nichols.
  • Your method of payment will not be charged until two days before the event. So, you have until then to make whatever changes you want, or to cancel, if necessary.
With this much flexibility, there's no reason to wait! So, click below and register for the Frenzy today.

During the "Wash and Shine" gathering on Friday or the Frenzy check-in on Saturday morning, you will be asked to sign the standard PCA liability waiver. Although mainly written in consideration of track events, this wavier applies to our social event, as well, and allows us to have insurance coverage for our event. If you would like to read the waiver beforehand, here it is:
PCA Liability Waiver (opens in new tab)
Questions, comments or suggestions? Please email the Frenzy Organizers at