Porsche 928 Frenzy
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        Who goes to Frenzy?
        928 Owners -
For nearly 25 years, the owners of all models of the legendary Porsche 928 have been getting together to meet one another, and feast their eyes on an impressive get-together of the legendary Porsche 928. Of course, spouses and family are welcome as well.

        Prospective 928 Owners -
Thinking about putting a 928 in your garage, but you want to learn more about the Porsche 928? The Frenzy is the perfect place to meet 928 owners, attend tech sessions and learn about the costs and benefits of owning a Porsche 928. There's always been a few 928s for sale at each of the 20 Frenzy events. Maybe yours awaits you!

        Tech Gurus -
Frenzy's tech sessions are an excellent way for 928 owners to learn about their cars: what to look out for maintenance-wise; learn about performance options; experience actual hands-on maintenance and repair sessions, and what makes our cars tick in general.
Attendees have a rare opportunity to gather around a 928 from underneath...sometimes it's their car that's the subject of the session.
Tech sessions are held by respected 928-specific experts in the particular field. 928 owners and enthusiasts always benefit and learn from Frenzy tech sessions.

Door Prizes! -
Every year we can thank Vendors and Sponsors for donating some amazing door prizes. This year will be no exception.
Ask anyone who has been to a previous Frenzy about the door prizes. Not just little non-928 related trinkets and product samples, but valuable 928-related stuff that 928 owners can really use!

For Frenzy 15, a fender rolling demonstration was one of the featured tech sessions.
928OC purchased a new Eastwood Fender Roller Tool that Gary Knox demonstrated during one of Frenzy 15's Tech Session. The tool was made available to 928OC Members on a loaner basis free of charge.
Questions, comments or suggestions? Please email the Frenzy Organizers at info@928frenzy.org
A section of funKtion's parking lot

FunKtion Auto graciously hosted past Frenzy events

Steve Yohai has the opportunity to assess the underside of his Shark

Earl Gilstrom provides a technical insight into his proven 928 alignment DIY

A gathering under Tom Falkenberg's impressive supercharged S4 during a tech session at Frenzy 10

Always a strong turnout. Don't have a 928? We'd still like to see you. Boxsters, 911s, and other Porsches and classic sports cars are welcome.This isn't a closed party! (see pic)

Piedmont Tire & Auto's
brand new
Haymarket VA Center

A panoramic view of Odds & Ends Detailing - Frenzy 16
Swap & Sell Table!
Due to a growing interest in folks bringing things that they'd like to swap or sell to Frenzy, we've been setting aside a Swap & Sell Table. This is reserved specifically for 928-related items such as new and used parts, accessories, maintenance items, print materials, memorabilia, etc.

Tech Sessions
 Each year, tech sessions are
hosted by experts in their respective
fields. Stay tuned for details

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928-Specific and Enthusiast Vendors -
For the past 2 decades, the Annual 928 Frenzy has hosted some of the most prominent 928-specific vendors in the country....in the world, for that matter. Every year, vendors come to Frenzy to showcase their products or services and provide a hands-on opportunity to get a better idea of the oem parts, performance parts, accessories and maintenance items that are available to 928 owners.
This year's Frenzy will be well represented by several premier vendors. Below is a list of vendors who attended last year's Frenzy.